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  WLK series vertical vacuum pump oil WLK series vertical vacuum pump oil
WLK series vertical vacuum pump oil
Product introduction


Vertical unoiled vacuum pump is a domestic initiative products of our factory and scientific research units to cooperate in the development of new type WLK, which are widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other fields of vacuum distillation, evaporation, crystallization, drying, filtration process, and is a replacing product of W horizontal type vacuum pump update.

The characteristics of two

Compared with the W type horizontal pump, the pump has the following advantages:

1, the moving parts wear rate decreased a hundred times, the valve life expectancy increased by 50 times.

Nearly 1/3 was reduced by 2, power consumption, reduce water consumption 1/2, 1/3 reduces the occupied area.

3, reduce the shear dominated vibration, low noise.

4, WLK oil free vacuum pump to improve the vacuum cleanliness, especially suitable for food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Technical performance parameter Model
WLK-50 WLK-100 WLK-200
The pumping rateL/S(M3/H) 50(180) 100(360) 200(720)
Extreme pressureKPA(Torr) 2.6(20)
进、排气管径mm(in) 65(1/2) 80(3) 125(5)
Inlet, outlet pipe diameterIN 1/2 1/2 3/4
Piston diameter * strokemm 220×130 300×150 375×180
SpeedR/min 350 320 330
Electrical Appliances MODEL Y132M 1-6 Y160M-6 Y180L-6
PowerKW 4 7.5 15
Triangle tape model - the number of root B-3 B-5 C-5
Beng Wensheng℃ Beng Wensheng<30℃   Exhaust valve chamber<90℃   Temperature difference of cooling water<5℃
NoisedB <75
Overall dimensions length X width X height  MM 1050X520×1190 1300X610×1380 1430X785×1560
Weight (excluding motor)Kg 420 700 940
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