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  JKH piston type high-efficiency energy-saving environment-friendly vacuum pump
JKH piston type high-efficiency energy-saving environment-friendly vacuum pump
Product introduction

JKH series vacuum pump is a high efficiency energy saving environmental protection high vacuum pump speed, Department of slide valve type, can be pumped to 10Pa below the vacuum degree. The pump is my company independent research and development, and got the new vacuum pump valve patent. It has improved to a large extent and change in inheriting the original advantages of the slide valve pump.

The main parts of the pump body adopts wear-resisting high silicon ductile cast iron, and the surface treatment and processing center in a clamping to complete, with high precision, less wear, less maintenance.

Advantages: the pump can run continuously, pumping rate, high vacuum degree, no need of cooling water, water vapor pumping ability, no oil smoke discharge, compact structure, scientific and reasonable design, and in line with national environmental protection and energy saving emission. These highlight, my company to the brick and tile industry development, the superiority of the pump is more perfect, but also the best choice for the current tile vacuum extruder.

Welcome to buy JKH lubricating oil valve type high-efficiency energy-saving environment-friendly vacuum pump.

The project, parameters, models JKH-100 JKH-150 JKH-200
Weeping rate m3/h 360 540 720
The ultimate vacuum Pa 10 10 10
Motor power KW 7.5 11 15
Motor speed rpm 400 400 400
Working temperature 80 80 80

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